The XMM-SERVS Survey

XMM-SERVS is a 13 deg2 XMM-Newton survey at 50 ks depth of three prime sky regions: the W-CDF-S (wide CDF-S), XMM-LSS, and ELAIS-S1 fields as defined by the Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS). These are the best multiwavelength regions within the LSST Deep-Drilling Fields.

The XMM-SERVS survey allows outstanding studies of ≈ 10,200 AGNs and many X-ray groups/clusters by leveraging multiple intensive radio-to-UV surveys including the following: ATLAS, MIGHTEE, HerMES, SERVS, VIDEO, VEILS, DES, SUMIRE-HSC, PS1MD, VOICE, H20, CSI, DEVILS, and PRIMUS. See this table for some summary details. XMM-SERVS can also be powerfully combined with other similar surveys, such as COSMOS and the Chandra Deep Wide-Field Survey (CDWFS).

We aim to advance dramatically studies of supermassive black hole (SMBH) growth across the full range of cosmic environments, links between SMBH accretion and star formation, exceptional AGNs at high redshifts, protoclusters, and multiple other topics.

The targeted XMM-SERVS fields will have extraordinary legacy value as MOONS, PFS, and 4MOST fields for massive spectroscopic follow-up; prime TolTEC and ALMA fields; DES/LSST Deep-Drilling Fields; and SDSS-V and 4MOST reverberation-mapping fields.

XMM-Newton observations for all three fields have been completed and cataloged, and we are now working on performing science projects in these fields.

Research Papers Based on All XMM-SERVS Fields

Resources for the XMM-LSS Field

Resources for the W-CDF-S and ELAIS-S1 Fields

Other Relevant Information

  • YouTube recording of an XMM-SERVS overview talk on 2021 June 13

  • Slides from talk at AAS Meeting #238 on 2021 June 8

  • Penn State press release of 2021 June 7

  • Pretty XMM-Newton images of the XMM-SERVS fields (gzipped tar file)

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  • Contact Information

    Niel Brandt (Penn State), Chien-Ting Chen (MSFC), Bin Luo (Nanjing), Qingling Ni (Edinburgh), and Fan Zou (Penn State) for the XMM-SERVS Team. You can email wnbrandt(at) with any questions.